Thursday, 2 April 2015

What's in a name?

my shadow on an orange wall
So, tomorrow I am going to the Chamber of Commerce to register my business. After the first initial excitement dwindled down a bit, I am still stuck without a name. I talked to different kinds of people, an astrologer, my coach, my friends and colleagues, my parents and sister and they all gave me plenty of names or ideas but none of them haven't really stuck yet. It didn't help that every single night of this week I had an engagement and all these evenings I could have prepared myself: read posts on the internet and numerous articles on starting your own business. I guess I'll have to do that after tomorrow.
Since I am a Leo, the astrologer advised me to start my business in Leo time which is late July - August. Honestly, I can't wait that long. So what I'll do is to legitimately start it all up tomorrow and to launch my brand in August. What do you think?

"Life is your art. 
An open, aware heart is your camera.
A oneness with your world is your film.
Your bright eyes, your easy smile is your museum."
(Ansel Adams)


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