Sunday, 29 March 2015

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I haven't written an entry on Around here for a while, but things are so hectic and exciting at the moment I can't wait to share it all with you. Last week I finally set my private hour rate as a photographer for the big commission I am already working on. I am totally aware that is not the best way to start a project, but it started to sudden and quick I had to improvise.  Last Friday I called the Chamber of Commerce to advise me how to deal with earning money next to my daytime job and the guy advised me to start a one-woman business. A one-woman business!! I am so excited I am about to burst out of my skin.
Yesterday I asked a friend who is a graphic designer that I would like her to design my logo, letterhead and business cards. Of course, she can only do that after I come up with a name for my new business. I drew a mind map with all the words that came into my mind that would cover my little business: contemplative photography, yoga classes and massage. The combination of photography and yoga of course is a little odd for the business world so I thought of keywords that form an umbrella over the actual services that I would offer: mindful, heart, sun, image, capture, creativity, fresh perceptions, inner peace, bliss, inspiration and so forth. Then I broke those words down in syllables and added more words to my selection like: inner, photo, DR, moment etc. At the moment I am playing around with the syllables and words, but if anyone thinks of a great name, please let me know. Coming Friday I have an appointment at the local office of the Chamber of Commerce to have my little business registered. Oh, this is SO cool!


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