Saturday, 9 May 2015

At home with Laura

collection on wooden chest
This will be a new feature on the blog: At home with... Ever since I was a teenager I have loved to play around with the interior of my living quarters, when I was sixteen I used to change my room every other week or so. Nowadays I don't do that anymore, but when I am visiting someone, whether it be at their home or office I always take a good look around and soak up the interior. 
two vases on a wooden chest
For me it is important what kind of room I am in, what the atmosphere is like. The space doesn't have to be pretty or artistic, but it should feel open, spacious, warm and there should be windows leaving light in.
plants in Laura's room
plants in Laura's room
I've had this idea to photograph other people's spaces for a long time now, this week I finally pulled myself together and asked two of my housemates whether it was ok for them if I photographed their private spaces. They agreed and yesterday I captured these interiors. I only used natural light, no extra lamps nor tripod. I also didn't alter anything in the room, I shot it as it was not changing the slightest bit, but simply looking at the charm that was there.
statue, vase and singing bowl

The first room I photographed was of my housemate Laura, she lives on the same floor as I do and we share a large kitchen and living room. Together with three other people we form one of the five groups that live in this building which was once a hospital. I wrote about that over here.
collection of artifacts
collection of artifacts
Laura is a young woman in her thirties and she would love to emigrate to Brazil. She likes working in the garden (last year she started renting one herself) and being outside. Those passions are reflected in her room: there are lots of artifacts and little collections created or inspired by nature.
cabinet and vase
cabinet and vase with dried flowers
ornament and vases
ornament and vases
Her love for nature can be clearly be seen in this room whether it be in a patterned vase or little items. This is a room I feel comfortable in and I loved photographing it. It was a good exercise for me as I intend to do more of these shoots. Would anybody like their house being photographed? Please let me know.

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