Friday, 29 May 2015

Raindrops keep falling on my head

circles of raindrops in water
I must say it was quite rainy today. It rained this morning, this afternoon and in the evening. Not all day though, we had long showers of rain and in between the sky cleared up a bit. Some people might think that boring, but to real Miksangers (Miksang contemplative photographers) there is a whole world of rain and water to explore.
bicycle with green bell and raindrops
This afternoon I saw my Miksang friend Natasscha, last weekend we had agreed  to see each other today in Amsterdam without caring about what the weather was going to be. Rain come or shine, we were going to meet up.
After a cup of tea and a chat we ventured outside and I was hardly out of the door or I sighed 'ooh' and 'ahh' because of the lovely perceptions. Photographing in the rain is not something I do often, but boy, that is a lot of fun!
raindrops in water
Natasscha and I discussed the waterness of water: when is a picture about the actual waterness and when is it about something else? Our teacher Hèlen says what comes in first when you see a photo is what gives the strongest impression. For example: in the picture above on the right, the first thing I see is the yellow reflection. So that picture is about a yellow reflection and not so much about water itself. Reflecting is of course one of the qualities of water and in some circumstances it can do that very well.
raindrops on chrome of a rattan chair
Water also has no form of its own, it is liquid and flows from a higher plane to a lower. We were looking at water and raindrops for minutes on end, just fascinated how the drops fell down and formed circles in the pond. I could do this more often, walking in the rain with my camera. The world is just a different place. How about you? What do you see when you are walking in the rain?
branch half in water and circles of raindrops

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