Sunday, 3 May 2015


our cat Pluis/Fluffy
our cat Pluis/Fluffy
I've had the flue now since last Tuesday so I'm rather bound to stay indoors. My daily routine (if there is any when you are feeling rather miserable) is very simple, I lay in bed most of the morning for lack of energy and totally not feeling well, in the afternoon I cheer a bit up and move to my living room to crash on the couch reading a book or watching some TV. I cook a bit (really simple!) or have one of my housemates cook for me. In the evening I can only watch TV and I crawl into bed early for another long night of sniffing and coughing.
our cat Fluffy on the TV set
our cat Fluffy sitting on the TV set
So I don't have big adventures, my life is simple and takes place mostly indoors. I look at the cat, he looks back at me and occasionally meows.
Today I had to go out to buy some groceries, I really walked slowly (with my camera of course) and saw this pile of fluffiness lying in the window sill in one of the houses in the street. It looked totally relaxed and even a bit hot with his warm fur coat on. Yes, a lesson learned: to relax more and to be more in the present. Animals are so good at that, specifically cats.

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