Monday, 17 August 2015

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man on the phone
I've been back from India for exactly two weeks and you are probably wondering why I am so quiet on the blog. Well, right after I came home I caught the flue keeping me stuck in bed for the first week and rather weak during the next week. Apart from that I've been dating a sweet guy recently with a 'beautiful soul' according to a wise woman in India. So I am spending my time differently now and I will have to reorganize myself.
Indian lady with flowers in her hair
My trip to India was fantastic, but due to lack of energy and time it will take me a little while longer to post my stories than usual. But hey, life is to enjoy it and not to give myself heavy deadlines.
portrait of a departing professor
In the week before I took off to India I was asked to take a portrait of a departing professor, see above. After working for decades at our faculty he is a little sad to be retiring.
And last but not least: also just before my trip to India my graphic designer and friend Karin finalized the logo of my new business. As you can see I started using the white transparant version as a kind of watermark in my photographs. More on this in a next blogpost.

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