Sunday, 23 August 2015

Practice Day: Moments and People

children playing on the beach
Today I went to the first practice day in many months, I was so busy before my trip to India that I could not find the opportunity to go any earlier. All the while I felt the longing to go though, these days bring me more into contact with contemplative photography, it's great to talk to peers and to exchange our experiences.
couple taking selfie
Today's intention was on Moments and People. Last October I took the whole workshop on Moments and Visual Haiku and if one repeated the workshop now it was possible to join just for a day which I did.
couple walking on the beach
I explained all about Moments and People in October's blogpost, so here is just a short reminder. Moments have a fleeting feel: one moment it is there, the other moment is has dissolved. You need to be alert and awake to be able to perceive moments.
little girls playing in the sea
And today was an excellent day to be awake and to see moments with people: it was a warm sunny day and there were lots of people on the beach.
gripping hand
I remember that I found this quite challenging last October, but today I felt  more relaxed especially at the beach front. I felt restless for a short while when I was walking through the sand amidst all the sunbathing people and some of them were watching me with my camera. I saw the wonder on their faces. This is still one of my weaker spots. Apart from that I had a great day with lovely people (the other participants) and many fresh perceptions.
our teacher: Hèlen A. Vink

our teacher: Hèlen A. Vink taking a photograph

woman with hat taking photograph

feet in shadows

young boys eating fries

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