Friday, 28 August 2015

Pizza in the park

glass of Hoegaarden beer
Last weekend on one of those warm summer evenings my new sweet K. and I went to the Vondelpark after work. We both didn't feel like cooking and earlier that week I saw that one of the establishments served vegetarian pizzas in the park which were made by a deli right around the corner from my home. 
lemon in soda
K. hasn't been drinking alcohol for years and feels great without it so he ordered a soda, I ordered a glass of white beer. I drink sporadically, with all the yoga and mediation in my weekly routine I don't have much need for alchohol and I noticed that the three don't go well together, but I do enjoy an occasional glass.
empty pizza plate
We both choose the vegetarian pizza and oh boy, it was wonderful! Usually if I eat one in a pizzeria it is not something special, but this pizza was very tasty. 
male hand
rows of empty chairs
After dinner we walked around the park a bit and noticed the empty chairs which were waiting to be filled with people at the small open air theatre.
shadow of necklace
This was a very lovely and relaxing evening and I hope many more will follow. I realize it is all about the moment, what do we feel like doing at a particular moment and can we stay with the joy of fulfilling what we felt like doing or are we rushing to the next need or distraction?

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