Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Eating and drinking in Prague

This blog post is not about the best places to eat and drink in Prague. It's about the things I saw when we were out and about.
having a drink
Reflection: having a drink
We were in a bar having a drink and a sandwich when I saw our reflection in a huge mirror opposite us.
cup and saucer
Contact: cup and saucer
This was a more fun perception: reading the text on the cup and really making contact with what I saw.
Simplicity: cutlery
Simplicity is about an object and the space around it. Here that applies to the cutlery laying on a white napkin.
drops in an empty bottle of water
Form: drops in an empty bottle of water
I was touched with the corset like shape of the bottle and the straight lines behind it, together with the drops inside the bottle.
glass of green tea
Contact: glass of green tea
I really liked the blue brims and the top brim with the surface of the tea with floating leaves.
glass of water
Simplicity: glass of water
Again this is about an object, in this case a glass of water, and its environment.
entree of goat cheese with rice & pumpkin
Textures: entree of fried goat cheese with rice & pumpkin
Actually, this was a delicious entree. I would really like to try to make the fried goat cheese on a bed of rice & pumpkin one day. But as an image I was thrilled with the textures and lines of the creation.
glass of original Budweiser beer
Contact: glass of original Budweiser beer
Apparently there is a story to this. American Budweiser thought they could get away with copying a Czech name, but unfortunately they lost the battle.
raspberry daiquiri
Color: raspberry daiquiri
Simply, a stunning color of red.
two circles: cup of tea and ashtray
Two circles: a cup of tea and an ashtray
My eyes went to the circles, not a good combination taste wise, but black and white go well together visually.

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