Thursday, 3 April 2014


About two weeks ago I followed a little workshop on mobile phone photography by Marianne Hope. She showed us a few apps that she uses frequently and explained them. See more on my experiences of that day over here.
I stuck to one app sofar: Snapseed. The more I use it the more I get the hang of it and the more fun I have with it. Miksang contemplative photography is not at all about filters and making your pictures prettier that what you actually saw, but I like that I can play around with an image and I am really surprised with the enormous possibilities with these apps.
Below are some impressions of the past weeks.
Vintage style pink rose and reflection
Vintage style pink rose and reflection. I obviously used a filter.
blooming tulip
Tulip at its peak. No filter, but I enhanced the whites.
pink elastic in shadow of bike wheel
Pink elastic in shadow of bike wheel. I used a filter and enhanced the saturation.
green laundry basket and its shadows
Green laundry basket and its shadows. This was actually a Miksang moment, so I didn't change anything, just cropped it to a square.
Dutch clogs
Dutch clogs. Again just cropped.
Dutch farm
Dutch farm. A lot of work done here on exposure, contrast, cropping and saturation.
Lamp in my bedroom
Lamp in my bedroom. Just cropped. iPhone does not take good pictures in the dark, but this one turned out lovely.
red and yellow bike
Red and yellow bike. Another Miksang moment, so no tricks.
Light on floor of waiting room.
Light on floor of waiting room. Just cropped.
colors at work
Colors at work. Miksang moment.
our building in scaffolds
Our building in scaffolds. Worked on saturation.
orange circle
Orange circle. Got a bit carried away by @colorsoftheweek, so I used a lot: saturation, exposure and contrast. Construct is not really my thing. 

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