Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Family visit over Easter

blond hair
My niece's blond hair
Easter has come and gone. My sister and her three girls stayed with me and that was quite busy! The twins are about 12 years old and the eldest will turn 16 in a few months time. One of the things we did was going to the Vondelpark and relax.
little boy picking daisies
We looked at other people (like at this little guy picking daisies), read a book, played a card game and rested.
climbing frame
The twins still liked the climbing frame, they still enjoy paying around. In a little while we'll have to entertain them with other stuff. 
playing a card game
Playing a game of cards is always good stuff, no matter how old they are.
green parakeet
I went for a walk with the twins and we spotted a green parakeet, so well camouflaged we nearly missed him. 
mother duck with chicks
The twins completely fell in love with these little chicks swimming behind their mother, so adorable. 
 My eldest niece felt like sleeping.
Show your work, by Austin Kleon
And I was reading this book by Austin Kleon. I am half way now and he is telling some good stuff!
twin sisters side by side
Twin sisters side by side. They can be sweet together and they can be very difficult.
They all love crafting: drawing and making collages. That kept them sweet for most of their stay and I must admit the outcome was pretty rad!

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