Saturday, 6 September 2014

A little bit of Autumn

yellow leaves on grey car
Today I had to send in my first homework for the calligraphy class. It is an at-home course which I can do at my own pace and I have have to send in the assignments by post. So I walked to the nearest book store (we don't have post offices anymore in Holland because of drastic savings measures by the Dutch postal services) to have my envelope weighed and stamped and I took my camera with me.
lots of leaves on black car
Although the temperatures are still pretty high (you can walk around without a coat on) I noticed that the leaves are starting to fall down. Autumn, yep, it has arrived.
yellow leaves on black car
yellow leaves on a black car
leaf on blue car
leaf on a blue car 
yellow leaf on silver car
yellow leaf on a silver car
two yellow leaves on grey car
two yellow leaves on a grey car
All these pictures were taken in my street, which goes to prove that you don't need to travel far to take pictures. It is already there, you just have to be available, open your eyes and see it.

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  1. Mooi Daniëlle, die blaadjes in de spiegeling! Groetjes Luuk


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