Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Three pictures of my teacher

Like I said in Friday's blogpost, I wanted to buy three pictures of my Miksang teacher HèlenA. Vink at the Bewust Markt (Conscious Market) in Haarlem. I just chose three that attracted me on the spot and after I got home and had a good look at them, I realized all three of them depicted pattern. Pattern and a little more than that. 
picture I Hèlen A. Vink
I bought three aluminum frames at HEMA that I could either hang on the wall or place on a cupboard.
picture II Hèlen A. Vink
Although they fit good together they are placed in different parts of my apartment (I don't have much wall space because of slanted walls) I am very happy with them and I enjoy it every time I look at them.
picture III Hèlen A. Vink
The picture above is taken in Zandvoort, a beach town in the Netherlands. The objects in front of the picture are found on beaches in various towns in the Netherlands.

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