Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Yoku art in our corridor

Vir hanging up our piece of art
Last weekend my housemate Vir Kaur and I found the opportunity to fix our big art project from a former Yoku session to the wall in our long corridor.

Vir hanging up our piece of art
We live in one of the buildings of an old hospital (Wilhemina Gasthuis) in which the nurses used to live so there are plenty of long corridors, rooms on either side of those corridors and common kitchens.
me, hammering away
photo by Vir Kaur
art in our corridorWe decided to use small nails to fix the large piece to the wall: it probably is not going to stay there very long and a few mall nails will not leave great marks in the wall. We measured it out on the sides and on the bottom and then we hammered away. One housemate said he liked it very much, another said it looked like mud (I guess his eyes were not exactly open) and I still would like to hear from another. Vir and I are quite pleased about it. Its vibrant colours and patterns just make us joyful and go beautifully with the purple interiour.

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