Friday, 27 February 2015

Yoga and Art (Yoku): Cocooning

paint brushes in half a circle
Last night was another session of Yoku (yoga and art): cocooning part II. I missed the first part because I was in Venice. Apparently they wanted to continue this theme because they felt it was not really Spring and most people are not ready to come out of their cocoon yet, but would like to explore their inner space more before stretching their wings.
participant Charlotte painting with watercolors
participant Charlotte painting with watercolors
participant Eline painting with watercolors
The yoga session was about cleansing your aura (your cocoon) energetically and to fire up the heart, so there were lots of fast breathing exercises with our arms up in the air.
painting of participant Esmee
We painted with watercolors this time, for me this was the first time ever for watercolors so I had no idea how to work with this. We received a little explanation and demonstration, then I fooled around with it, looked at the others and did my own version of a watercolor.
The 'assignment' was to paint a shape that represented the border of your inner space and to simply fill it with colours.
my finished watercolor about inner space
I felt like a red, circular space with a few distinct lines and I filled in the circle with coloured shapes. I was not so sure of what and how, I felt more movement in me than colours. As this is my first attempt at this technique I think it turned out not so bad and looking back at it now it is quite accurately actually. My inner space and energy is divided into several projects which have been keeping me quite busy lately: hectic going-ons at work, traveling & getting ready for Venice, assembling a portfolio for a new exhibition (hopefully it is going to work), planning my trip to India this Summer and I just acquired a new and large commission for photography.
It is all coming together: today I bought my ticket to India.
four finished watercolors
As always we were surprised to find how different each work is from the other, and at the same time so very personal. One of the other participants told me that she was always amazed at my bold work, whereas I am always a little jealous of her craft and subtlety. No need to be jealous of course, I am exploring my own creativity and enjoying the ride!

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