Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Skating fun

Yes, the season of ice skating is back! On natural or manmade ice, it doesn't really matter, we Dutch like our ice solid frozen and skateable and apparently we have done so over the past centuries.
Dutch ice scene, by Hendrick Avercamp
Dutch ice scene, by Hendrick Avercamp (ca 1610)
The full painting by Hendrick Avercamp as shown above is to be found at museum Mauritshuis in the Hague in the Netherlands. I really love this painting because it shows people of all ages and ranks in life on skates and in all stages of the sport: single, in pairs, falling, flying, playing, courting and even transporting. Click on the image to enlarge and to see all the details. Some of them are really funny.

modern Dutch ice scene, Amsterdam
These enthusiasts on blades can still be found nowadays, the only difference being the style of clothing.
Iamsterdam with ice rink
I remember learning how to skate as a young girl: that was not easy but after every fall I would get up and try again. When I got the hang of it I really loved the speed and freedom it gave me.
mini ice rink with drawbridge
mini ice rink with drawbridge
There were lots of cold hands, frozen feet and warm hot chocolates! There is nothing like a good winter as in the painting above with lots of snow, ice and skating fun.
skating girl in blue
skating girl in blue
skating kids
skating kids
I have not skated in years actually, but it gives me lots of pleasure looking at it and seeing the joy on everyone's face. It is such a special feeling and I can't compare it to anything else.

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