Thursday, 29 October 2015

Series on transitoriness: progress?

Two weeks ago I went to the second photography class and we were invited to bring in some new photos that we had worked on in relation to our series (read here for part I). I brought in some new images that I was quite happy about, but I noticed immediately that my teacher was not. She commented: "it's about  Autumn" and "they're all leaves." Yes, they were leaves, she was correct about that. But it was also all I came across in the park that gave me the feeling of transitoriness. I had photographed some dried up flowers, but they didn't go beyond the feeling of snapshots.
She distilled four sets of two pictures from my collection sofar:
drifting branch and leaves
set 1, image 1: yellow tones & water
branch and leaves under water
set 1, image 2: yellow tones & water
tyre track with reflection
set 2, image 1: blue tones and water
drifting leaves on blue water
set 2, image 2: blue tones and water
red leaf in mud
set 3, image 1: leaves and mud
yellow leaves in mud
set 3, image 2: leaves and mud
floating leaves and a reflection in water
set 4, image 1: yellow tones and leaves
dried leaves and a bit of sunshine
set 4, image 2: yellow tones and leaves
The teacher noticed that somehow the prints didn't come out as sparkly as the digital originals I had showed on my iPad in the first class, so I'll have to look into that.
She gave me a tip: to take a photo of (half) buried clothes in the mud. She also said that one of her students once took a photo of something on the ground with mud, tore up the picture into pieces and then took a photo of that. Nice ideas, but that's not really my style. She concluded I still had a lot of work to do. Well, I don't mind that at all!

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