Saturday, 31 October 2015

Series on transitoriness: part III

Yesterday was our third meeting of the photography class. We were actually out on a field trip to a still-working-mill (photos to be published later), but we also had a chance to show an update on our series. This time my teacher was quite enthusiastic when I showed her my latest captures and she expanded the series that I showed in my last blogpost. So I guess I took a step forward in the process.
leaf with shadow
dried up leaves with a shadow
Theme 1: shadows
leaf on water barrel
leaves stuck on a branch
leaves in puddle on streetcurb
theme 2: distinguished lines
Theme 3: blueness and reflection
red leaf in mud
leaves on gravel
rotting leaf
acorns in pudddle
Theme 4: subtleness
floating yellow leaves
leaves and twig under water
floating leaves and a reflection of a tree
Theme 5: yellow tones
She advised me to continue exploring these themes, as the outcome would depend on what I would come across on my walks.

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