Saturday, 17 October 2015

Conference ‘Religious Diversity: Philosophical Perspectives’

attendees of conference on religious diversity
Preceding the inaugural lecture of Dr Grube a conference about religious diversity took place on 24 September at the Auditorium of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The conference was titled ‘Religious Diversity: Philosophical Perspectives’. Among the visitors were friends and colleagues of Grube as well as a delegation from the Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham.

cups and saucers
Dr Karrer-Grube
centre: Dr C.R.B. Karrer-Grube, wife of Dr D.-M. Grube

Prof Dr F. Enns and others
second from left: Prof Dr F. Enns 
Prof Dr W. van der Merwe and guest
right: Prof Dr W. van der Merwe
Rector Magnificus Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Rector Magnificus Vinod Shubramanian
Prof Dr W. Janse and Dr D.-M. Grube
Prof Dr W. Janse and Prof Dr D.-M. Grube
Prof Dr Nicholas Wolterstorff
American philosopher and ethicist Professor Wolterstorff (University of Viriginia/emiritus Professor of Yale) gave a lecture called 'Toleration, Justice and Dignity'.

In the afternoon, presided by Professor Willie van der Merwe, the American philosopher and pragmatist, also 'Doktorvater' of Grube, Professor Joseph Margolis (Temple University, Philadelphia) brought 'Uncertain Musings about the State of the World and Reflections on Religion's Contribution'. 
Prof Dr Joseph Margolis
Prof Dr Joseph Margolis

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