Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Inaugural lecture of Dr Dirk-Martin Grube

Dirk-Martin Grube and the cortege
On 24 September Dr Dirk-Martin Grube held his inaugural speech at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. For those who do not know, an inaugural speech is a speech spoken at the acceptance of the post as professor. Dirk-Martin Grube was appointed professor of the chair 'Religious Diversity and the Epistemology of Theology/Religion'. His lecture was titled Justified Religious Difference: A Constructive Approach to Religious Diversity.
entrance of the cortege
After the entrance of the cortege of professors (photo above) all people were asked to be seated and the dean of the Faculty of Theology (photo below) held the opening speech in lieu of the rector magnificus. The chain on his chest represents the rector.
opening speech of the dean
opening speech of the dean

speech of Dirk-Martin Grube
speech of Dirk-Martin Grube

family of Dirk-Martin Grube
The front row of the Aula is usually reserved for family and close friends. At the other side of the aisle the first front rows are reserved for the cortege: professors of the Faculty of Theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as well as colleagues from other universities.
listening intensely

colleagues listening

all rise
After the dean ended the formal ceremony the audience rose again before leaving the room. The cortege left first, then the family and finally the rest of the audience.
in line to congratulate
Then all attendants go in line to congratulate the professor.
artefact of office
Artefacts of office: on the left is the staff of the beadle. She heads the cortege holding this staff and calling Ora Est. The dean is pictured on the right wearing the chain of the rector magnificus.
black beret and apple juice
Details of the reception.

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