Thursday, 20 March 2014

Street numbers of the Overtoom

I was walking up and down the Overtoom, Amsterdam yesterday doing some errands. That was not a horrible job to do as it was sunny and warm. The Overtoom is a long street close to my home and it is as of old an important road to and from the city. It used to have a canal where ships could enter the city, but that was covered somewhere in the 18th century.
Anyways, I noticed some of the street numbers and captured a few.
street number 232
Street number 232 was the first one I noticed. I simply love the style of lettering, the spacious, sturdy and yet elegant numbers. I can't put a date to them, maybe the thirties of last century?
street number 318
This has a totally different style and I couldn't resist it, because someone took the trouble to paint this in between different colored and glazed bricks. Why was this done, no money for a proper plate? Was it done in the WO II when there were no supplies?
street number 322
This is quite a regular street number, I've seen it around quite a lot. 
street number 340
Now this is something out of the ordinary, I would also date it around the 1930's, but maybe I am mistaken. Is there an expert in the audience?
street number 406
This looks more like a replica based on old lettering, simple and clear. 
street number 442
And this was painted by hand, I wonder whether that was done by a professional or by a resident of the house on number 442.

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