Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Around here

Today was my day off, as Wednesdays usually are. I like to sleep in a little, start the day with yoga
and a raw food juice. Pomegranates were on sale at the organic store, so I thought I'd give it a try. It was great and the recipe will follow soon!
At 12.00 hrs. I was to meet my friend B. who works as a music therapist at a nursing home. There is a sort of a exhibition space in their main hallway and I wanted to see that space to get an idea of what it was like. I can exhibit about 15 of my own pictures there and I am thinking really hard what I should hang there. The timeframe is the end of November, so I should make a little haste. It feels like something colourful should brighten up this corridor.
In the afternoon I had a regular session at my osteopath. She works on the deeper levels of organs, tissues and muscles. Very relaxing. She told me my body is responding more and more to her treatment and she is quite pleased with that. Not that I am sick or anything, she balances out my body in a very soft way and relaxed my somewhat tensed shoulders and neck.
It was such a wonderful day today: windy but sunny. It was a joy to ride my bike around town. After the storm of last Monday a lot of leaves were yanked from the trees and quite some debris is still on the streets and sidewalks.
In the evening I made muffins made from the pulp of the juice from this morning like I did before. This time I added a little hemp grains and maca powder. They don't look like much, but my housemates found them quite tasty!

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