Saturday, 26 October 2013

Combine your own muesli

These days I put together my own muesli. I used to eat it how it was sold in the stores, until I read in a magazine that you could order your muesli online (I forgot where) with the ingredients of your choice. That gave me the idea of putting it together myself. Why pay for this service if I can simply do this easily at home? In this way my muesli is different every time I make it without the extra shipping cost.

I start out with a basic spelt muesli.

In this case I added (clockwise): nuts (crush them if you like), extra spelt flakes, dried cranberries, sweetened coconut cubes, unsweetened ground coconut and hemp seeds.

The variations are indefinite and all to your own liking. Mix and put in storage canisters. Soak in raw milk or soy/rice/almond milk 10 minutes before consumption. Enjoy!

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