Friday, 11 October 2013

DIY: notebook cover

I've been blogging a little over a year now and I'm looking for things I could incorporate in my blog. So I'm giving a little DIY here, it's really quite simple and maybe not worth showing, but I thought I'd give it a try. It's easy and a fun little project for a weekend afternoon.
DIY notebook cover
Above are the things you will need: a writers spiral (or any other notebook that you would like to cover); a print of your picture(s), I used a simple sheet of copy paper with a print of 4 of my best Miksang pictures; glue and washi tape for embellishment.
DIY notebook cover
I glued the pictures (they were printed on one sheet of paper) with a glue stick and stuck it on the cover of the notebook. Smooth it out evenly from the middle towards the edges.
DIY notebook cover
This is then how it looks like (above). 
DIY notebook cover: washi tape
For extra strength and also to embellish the book I adhered the washi tape around the edges with an extra layer around the corners.
DIY notebook cover, washi tape on corners
DIY notebook cover, finished
Et voilà! Your book is now ready. Optional is to bring on an extra layer of mod podge around the edges of the paper overlapping slightly the washi tape. I brought on a layer on the whole front of the cover for a little protection and a silk glossy look.
Extra photo: a Miksang picture of washi tapes. They were sitting there just to be photographed.

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