Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Books to read on Miksang contemplative photography

While in the workshop, Hèlen showed us some good books on contemplative photography to read. Here they are:
dAnielles flow
Dharma art: The creative dimension of spirituality
This is Hèlen's bible: many of the Miksang principles are written down by Chögyam Trunga. He started the first Miksang group in the United States. I started reading the book myself in France this summer, but found it difficult to get through.

dAnielles flow

dAnielles flow

dAnielles flow
Three books by Freeman Patterson. I haven't read any of them yet, but certainly will. The photos inside are simply amazing. Apparently Michael Wood, see below, was an adept of his.
dAnielles flow
Then there is the book of Michael Wood. Written in very understandable language what contemplative photography is all about. You can read more in my earlier blogpost.
And finally the book by Julie DuBose. You can read more about her and her book in my earlier posts over here and here.
I had the pleasure of following two workshops with both Michael Wood and Julie DuBose two years ago. They are both very inspiring people and their books are likewise.

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