Sunday, 10 November 2013

Initiation into transformative yoga

Yesterday, I was officially installed as a yoga teacher through an initiation. The ritual was performed by my yoga teacher Ganga, who received permission to execute the ritual by her teacher Devi Amma whose master is guru Agastya (see top right on the wall). 
The yogaschool is called Sai Mithra and is located in the centre of Amsterdam.
Agastya is seated beneath a mountain. Just at his right you see streams of water, these represent the fluids of the Kundalini snaking up the mountain.
Guru Agastya
I can't tell you the whole procedure, but we were all invited to tell each other our intentions. My intention is to keep on following my spiritual path and to share my experiences with others.
The ceremony ended with the Asatoma mantra sung by Sai Baba. A very moving and powerful mantra. The mantra means: from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality.
Sai Mithra teaches transformative yoga, which means that you choose that path for personal transformation. According to Patanjali it is the most difficult path to follow. Having a learning attitude in life means dealing with struggles, experiencing them and being thankful for them, because they bring you closer to who you really are. They cleanse you and make you lighter. But oh boy, it isn't always easy. I know from my own experiences.
Rose petals in a large circle decorated the floor.
I've started teaching transformative yoga myself, one class a week and it's very rewarding. Like my teacher said: "Don't think that you finished the teacher training, you know it all", it's more like "You are starting a new journey from here." And: "You are your own pupil. You learn from your own classes and your own pupils."
Ohm sign

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