Saturday, 2 November 2013

The past weeks in Instagram

I wanted to show you my past weeks as I shared them on Instagram.
I introduced healthy food to my blog, the first recipes appeared in October. Check over here for the recipe of the mango-banana smoothie
 and over here for the raw food carrot juice.
I've also shared on the blog that I like to start my days off with a yoga session. On working days I start my day with the sun salutation and a short meditation.
However, I'm not such a yogi that I never drink a drop of alcohol anymore, but I have drastically reduced my intake since H. decided to stop drinking alcohol for a year.
Contemplative photography is very much my way of life, a way of looking into the world. It is my first nature as I have a so called 'visual lead', which means that anything visual will override all other impressions from the outside world.
I love all things vintage, I have totally rediscovered this the past few months and I can frequently be found in thrifting shops. I'm so loving this cup and saucer and I look with pleasure at it every day.
 This wonderful play of light and shadow, how can my eyes not fall upon them?
And pretty fruit, what's not to like about it? I experimented with it and made the pomegranate-apple-carrot juice.
A late night game of Scrabble with the man who always wins. 
Babysitting a group of Architecture students doing an exam. I found the reflections of the neon lights much more interesting.
Of course, a beautiful sunrise, taken from the window of my living room. 
And: Men at work, always good to look at!

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