Friday, 29 November 2013

Coming closer

The exhibition date is coming closer: on next Wednesday 4th of December, I will install my pictures at the Slotervaart nursing home. Below is what the area in the nursing home looks like: it is a wide corridor for patients, personnel and guests.
In the past weeks I have selected 16 pictures from 2012 and 2013. I first started with going through my iPhoto album selections by month. I labeled the pictures that resonated with me the most. I came to a shortlist of about 75 pictures and asked two friends to have a look at them and highlight which pictures they liked best. I then came to a final selection of 16 pictures (one spare) and ordered the prints glued on MDF, size 30 x 45 cm. I picked them up last Monday and they are quite fabulous. Below is one of the pictures that will be exhibited.
dAnielles flow
This weekend I will do the finishing touch of the whole thing: putting small stickers on the back of the prints with my name, phone number and signature; making cards next to the pictures with information of each photo; and a sheet with information on contemplative photography and ordering information. And I still have to determine the price per picture, I find that the hardest bit. How do I put a price on my art?
After Wednesday I will show you the overview of the exhibition.
I am so excited!

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