Thursday, 5 December 2013

Update exhibition!

An update on my exhibition: Yes, my pictures are on display in the Slotervaart Verpleeghuis! It wasn't easy, but I did it.
One of my housemates agreed to bring me with all the panels to the nursing home, yesterday morning. But he overslept and the keys of the car were not around. Apparently another housemate still had them in his purse, but he was in a rehearsal and I didn't want to wait, so I went on my bike with one half of the panels. It is not that far, but it was foggy, cold and rainy. Later on, my housemate brought me in the car with the second batch of panels.
dAnielles flow
I got there in the morning and the lady with whom I was in contact before, thought I was just going to take a look. Well, no, I was going to put everything in its place. "No problem", she said, "I will collect the hooks." And so she did. But the hooks hardly fit in the holes on the back of the panels.
dAnielles flow
The next problem was that I couldn't get the thread in the rail everywhere. After lunch with my friend the music therapist, that was arranged for me, so I was very thankful.
dAnielles flow
Then the lady said they should hang a little lower, because most patients were in wheelchairs. I tried to accommodate her, but not all threads were long enough to lower the prints. Like the one above, the print with the two orange leaves: I couldn't lower the hook because the thread was so curled up.
dAnielles flow
So, I'm glad I put it all up there, but I sure hope it's not going to fall down. I'll send energy that it will all stay up the walls and that people will be enjoying the photographs. While I was working there I already got a few compliments, so that feels good. Maybe some people would like to buy any of them, that would really make my day!
dAnielles flow
Anyway, all my photographs on the blog are for sale. If you'd like to buy any of them, please contact me (roelevelddanielle at

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