Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas cards

I've been working on my Christmas cards last night. It's a bit early, I know, but last year was too short a time, so I thought I'd start really early this year.
Last year my card looked like this:
dAnielles flow
Really Christmassy, right? The text says: Happy Holidays and a healthy and colorful 2013 full of love, balance and growth.

This year I'm not really in a Christmas mood. I'm thinking of a folded card, with this picture on the front:
dAnielles flow
It's a reflection of a few houses in my street on a car and if you take a second look you can see me in the far right actually taking the picture. For me this represents me doing what I love to do most in my own neighborhood.

On the inside pages I am going to put this picture on the left:
dAnielles flow
On the right page there were will be a printed message with a handwritten personal message to the addressee. What do you think, it is a special card?

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