Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Orange-lemon curd

This is by no means a healthy recipe, but it's sooo good, I can't refrain from sharing it with you. I made this orange-lemon curd for my birthday party last summer (a while ago, I know). Heavily inspired by The Vintage Tea Party book, by Angel Adoree, I threw a vintage high tea party for my girlfriends and it was an instant success!
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Ingredients: 125 gr butter, 250 gr fine crystal sugar (I used can sugar), grate and juice of 2 oranges 2 lemons, 4 large beaten eggs.
First sterilize two jars (look on the internet for how-to's, it's easy peasy). Then cut the butter in small parts and put them in a pan with a thick, flat bottom together with the sugar, lemon and orange grate and the juice. Heat until the sugar has dissolved. Add the beaten eggs over a low heat and continue stirring quietly for 5-10 minutes until thick.
Pour the curd in the hot jars, close the lids and let cool off. Keep in refrigerator and use with breakfast. You can keep the curd for about 6 months.
You can replace the sugar with honey or another organic sweetener. I haven't tried that yet but I certainly will in the future.
dAnielles flow
Canterbury made by my sister
Source: The Vintage Tea Party book is a wonderful book. I made many recipes for my own tea party from this book. It can be purchased at bol.com and at amazon.
The author Angel Adoree is very experienced in organizing vintage tea parties. Her recipes are simple and clear. All the pages in the book are illustrated beautifully and the photography is lovely. She obviously loves all things vintage.
dAnielles flow

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