Friday, 20 December 2013

At the acupuncturist

We went to the acupuncturist last Wednesday to balance out our bodies, acupuncture is a very good method to do that. She 'reads' our wrist and feels how the energy (qi) flows in our bodies, where blockages are located, if you have a virus, etc. It's an ancient Chinese medical technique and it works fine for me. I always feel more energetic and clearer in the head when I leave. It improves my immune system and helps me to face difficult processes in life.
dAnielles flow
While I was waiting on my turn I got mesmerized by the miniature woman with all the acupuncturist points on the left and the meridians on the right side of her body. It is interesting to see how the lines are running.
dAnielles flow

dAnielles flow

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