Monday, 17 February 2014

A walk in the woods

Yesterday was a beautiful day and H. and I went for a walk in the woods. He practically lives in the forest, so it was a matter of walking out of the door and there we were.
Bit of pine and a leaf
A leaf on a concrete path
The weather was lovely: the sun was out, a few birds were singing and it almost felt like Spring. That was kind of weird since the day and night before a storm had been raging over our country like there was no before!
We followed this winding bike lane for a short while and continued walking on the smaller paths.
Serpentine road through the woods
The walk made us quite thirsty, so when we came home we took a large glass of tea. The afternoon sun gave a lovely reflection of the glass on the kitchen counter.
Reflection of a glass
The pink hyacinth was sitting on the porch and obviously has seen better days, I don't know what H. has in mind with it.
When I got up from my chair, I saw these lovely light holes on my new pillowcase. I ordered it from my own Society6 collection to see what the actual product would be. See more of my collection over here.
Light holes on a pillow case
Sunday was a lovely day indeed.

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