Thursday, 6 February 2014

Food and drinks

During the Miksang & Meditation workshop a while ago we had lots of drinks and food. After breakfast at the hotel, we started with coffee and tea at the teacher's place. She doesn't drink coffee herself and has a Nespresso machine for her guests.
Nespresso cups

Nespresso machine
empty glasses on table
We had lunch at the Haven van Zandvoort; it's a pavilion on the beach and open year round.The first day I took a goat cheese and honey sandwich. Delicious!
goat cheese and honey sandwich
And I took a cappuccino for dessert. The cup and sugar stick had pictures of Venice on it. It made me think of our time there February last year.
cup of cappuccino
The second day I first drank a hot chocolate with whipped cream. That is so comforting when you are coming out of the cold. At the coast it's always a few degrees colder than further inland.
After that followed a tuna salad sandwich, also very good. The way the plate was made up made me smile.
I had the tuna salad sandwich with a glass of fresh mint tea to quench my thirst.
glass of fresh mint tea
When I left the place on the second dayI noticed all the piled up glasses.
piled up glasses
Comfortable food and drinks, two things that makes life pleasurable.

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