Saturday, 15 February 2014

Reflections on September, 2013

I forgot a while to continue my Reflections on series, so it's time to pick it up again.
morning mist
I remember this misty morning very well; it doesn't happen often that I cycle through the mist and see a layer of fog hanging over the ground. It's somehow a little eerie.
motiv: big skies
I posted a motiv: big skies. It was one of the views from the University of Amsterdam. I worked there for 3 months and enjoyed it immensly.
Reflections in an Amsterdam canal
I posted an article on reflections in one of the canals of Amsterdam. I could just stare at the water for hours, it changes every second. Fascinating.
Single chair in university hallway
Our offices were moved in October and in the time before that there was a lot of clearing and cleaning up. I hadn't posted this picture yet, just came across it when I was going through my pictures of September 2013.
leaf on water
I went to a Miksang Contemplative practise day in Amsterdam. It was about simplicity. We found out it was not an easy thing to focus our intention on.
It is always fun taking photos of people that you know, because they let you come closer to them. 
leaf on sidewalk
leaves and flowers in a puddle
There were walks around the neighborhood, and I passed the flower shop a couple of times where there is usually something that attracts my attention.
golden buddha
I went to a yoga shop to buy some supplies for my yoga classes. I started teaching in September.
colorful folders
I wrote about office stuff and the preparations we were making for moving our offices.
orange pumpkin
My friend H. and I took some walks and visited the local farms for their produce. At one farm I saw this enormous heap of pumpkins. So colorful!
That was September for me, lots of different experiences.

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