Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bråkig, by IKEA

I noticed a few pictures on Instagram from fellow IG'ers which were about the new series from IKEA called Bråkig. It is a limited collection of bed linen, cups and saucers, storage boxes and wallpaper. When I saw the pictures on IG I got curious and since today was my day off I ventured off to IKEA in search of this pattern galore!
Ikea Bråkig plates
Ikea Bråkig plates and wallpaper
When I got there I first went to the department of living accessories, I figured that's where I would find it. I meandered through the whole floor, but not a piece of Bråkig was to be found. Then I asked two shop assistants they told me that they were setting it up today and that the collection would be on sale as of February 8th. That disappointed me immensely, but curious as I am, I went upstairs to have a peek. Oh boy, there it was. A girl was still unpacking the crates and visitors were not really allowed in that area.
Ikea Bråkig cups and saucers
Ikea Bråkig wallpaper and serving tray
However, a few crates were already unpacked (but the products not priced yet) and I got super excited seeing all these colors and patterns! I bought a roll of wallpaper, a box with two cups and saucers and a small serving tray without knowing how much it would cost. I just didn't care.
I can't wait to drink my morning latte from one of those cups in the weekend.
I don't know yet what I will do with the wallpaper, maybe covering some plain white IKEA storage boxes I bought years ago.
For more information, see the IKEA website.

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