Friday, 21 February 2014

My second exhibition is coming up!

Next Friday I can install my photographs at the Naarderheem nursing home. I shared earlier on the blog what the place looks like, the long corridor that is where I will exhibit.
red cat
I had a meeting with the organizer of the show last month and he told me that the artists sells about one piece. There was one painter who sold eight pieces. After asking him what sells, he told me that the people at the nursing home would really like to see images that they recognize.
blooming bonsai
So, I went through my pictures again with this knowledge in mind to choose a selection that would brighten up the place. I didn't go out with my camera to shoot what other people wanted to see. These four pictures give you a sneak preview to my show.
reflection in a canal
And this picture above might be a little too abstract on its own, but I'll show it with some other photographs of reflections.
leaves in puddle
My pictures are about everyday life. It's all there, I just have to see it and connect with what I see. Like the cat for example. It was just sitting there in the window, it was looking directly at me when I slowed my pace. And that is hopefully what the people in the nursing home will experience when they look at my images.

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