Monday, 16 June 2014

A walk on the beach: Jellyfish

Yesterday my friend H. and I went for a walk on the beach at Wijk aan Zee. It was very cloudy in Amsterdam and I wasn't really sure about the idea, but he explained how the winds work (I can't reproduce what he said here on the blog, I'm afraid) and he was very sure that there would hardly be any clouds at the seaside. And he was right! Driving in the car and nearing the beach we could see clearly that it was sunny at the beach.
blue jellyfish
The sun made it a wonderful day: the sand on the beach was warm beneath our feet, the sunshine made the water sparkle and brightened our moods. We took a long walk and discovered that a lot of jellyfish had stranded on the beach.
pink jellyfish with foam
The jellyfish came in different colours, colours that I hadn't seen before. I've seen blue jellyfish, not as blue as the one above, but I've never seen pink ones before. So amazing!

white jellyfish
When you look from the side, you can actually see that it forms a little pile of jelly on the sand.
white jellyfish from top
When we arrived the tide was low and the beach just seemed to stretch out forever. After a couple of hours the tide came in and the waves created V-shapes in the sand where the jellyfish were lying.
white jellyfish with sea foam
Since it was such a beautiful day I took a lot more photographs. I will show some more of those later this week. I hope you all had a good weekend and a good start of the week.

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