Friday, 6 June 2014

A little advice on starting my own business

Mondaine is a small expresso bar just around the corner from my house. It offers coffee and tea with colorful macarons, homemade ice creams and lovely French pastries. All their stuff is 90% organic.
I hardly ever go to Mondaine, but few weeks ago I had an appointment for a coffee consult over there with a guy from my house. He just graduated and he has started his own business as a consultant for people who are starting their own business or who are stuck in what they are doing at the moment job wise.
cans of chai tea
And I am one of those persons who is stuck in her job and is trying for follow her heart. I really would like to do something professional with images, I am trying to figure out what that something really is.
colourful macarons
He advised me to develop a practical business plan containing four business goals:

  • independency: when, to what purpose? <-> in contrast to participating in projects of others 
  • income: no limit to income <-> fixed income
  • satisfaction: my individuality in service for others <-> in being employed I can't contribute to the community
  • worthy contribution to a greater good
I need to find out what all these smaller goals are for me and think actively what I want to do in live (as opposed to what I do NOT want to do). What you sow, you reap. He also advised me to focus on one thing and to deepen what I am already good at.
Well, that sounds like homework. I'll keep you posted! And I can recommend a visit to Mondaine to everyone.

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