Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Workshop Maitri: Blue

The third colour we experienced in the Maitri workshop of last weekend was BLUE. This time we had to lie on our stomach in a certain position. I felt my heart against the floor and that made me want to be in contact with someone. My eyelids felt heavy some of the time, it felt like being in bed. Physically I grew cold after a while and time seemed to last forever.
raindrops on car
When I took off my glasses everything seemed orange for a short while. I felt the need to go to the water: I saw the raindrops of the rain that had fallen that morning, reflections in the canal, flowers in the water, the swans and the ducks. I saw it all very clear. All animals seemed extremely busy grooming their feathers and I was watching them, even talking to them. I saw coots chasing a duck out of their territory. I felt happy, I was amused and I had a feeling of space.
grooming ducks
About BLUE - vajra (sanskrit) - water as reflecting wisdom
Water can only reflect in the absence of movement. Water can be very clear depending on the subsurface of the water. Reflecting knows no empathy, it is quite confronting. Water reflects everything without distinction. Reflecting can also be used on human behavior, in that case reflecting can also be quite ruthless.
grooming swan
The human quality of the colour BLUE is intellect, the beauty of clear thought and clairvoyance. Intellect can be harsh and could need a little soothing from feelings and empathy. BLUE has the quality of perceiving relationships (in my case ducks); visual clarity.
swan with young
The enlightened side of BLUE is clear perception, insight. The sharp side of BLUE is the imperative (blue road signs), it is often a clinical colour (swimming pools) and it's the colour of learning behavioral patterns. But also of making a chart of the reality and then realizing that the reality doesn't live up to your chart.
swan with little ones
I am so thankful that I am learning to be in the moment more and more. What else do I need on my chart than looking at a beautiful swan with its young ones passing by?

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