Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pipes and tubes

Our house is still under construction, well, I should say under renovation really because the building is over a hundred years old and it is still standing. The scaffolding at the back of the building has been taken down during the past few days and has been rebuilt at the front of the building. 
pattern of iron pipes
pattern of iron pipes in different colours
It's amazing how the builders do that, they are definitely following specific steps in building up and tearing down the scaffolding otherwise the whole thing would collapse and people would get hurt.
plastic tubes
grey plastic tubes
When I walked past the heaps of pipes and tubes I also noticed the patterns formed by the stacked material.
stacked red iron pipes, frontal view
stacked red iron pipes, frontal view
I like the frontal view where I look straight at the pipes so they form little circles.
stacked red iron pipes, side view
stacked red iron pipes, side view
The view is totally different from the side: in the picture above the colour red is more dominant and you can see that the little circles around the iron pipes makes a little tough piling them up.

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