Sunday, 8 March 2015

Art and yoga chakra wokshop

yoga mats, blankets and pillows
Yesterday I went to a yoga & art session in my own yoga school, they called it a Art and Yoga chakra workshop. It is one out of a series and every workshop revolves around a specific chakra. In this workshop we explored our first or basic chakra which is located at the base of the spine, it has the colour red and is presented by a lotus flower with four petals.
We were given a brief introduction on the chakras: what they are (enery centers) and how they work particularly the first chakra. The first or root chakra is connected to the element earth, it is about feeling grounded in yourself which makes you feel safe emotionally as well as physically. Our most important basic instinct - survival - resides here, just like our need for food, sleep and shelter.
drawing of first chakra
drawing of the first chakra
The yoga session was focused on asanas or yoga postures that activate the first or base chakra like half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana) and the Chair (Utkasana).
drawing of my own prejudices
drawing of my own prejudices
After the yoga we had a short tea break and then the creative part started. We were asked to take a recent situation into mind in which we didn't feel strong or self assured, what did we feel like or think at that time? We had to draw on a piece of paper what that felt like with wax crayons.
drawing when I felt self-assured
drawing when I felt self-assured
The next situation we had to visualize was a happy one, a situation in which we felt strong, full of confidence and sure of ourselves. The yellow flower above is the image that immediately came to my mind.
hands claying
hands claying
We then went on to another medium: clay. Now, I haven't touched clay in about 38 years so I was a little hesitant about it, but our teacher Jasmijn (her hands are shown above) talked us through it and it was a breeze!
She first introduced clay as coming literally from the earth, so clay is very  appropriate to work with in connection with the first chakra. It is a basic element and you can shape it with your own hands. We first just made connection with it, kneaded it, shaped it and kneaded it some more. Then we visualized our first situation in which we didn't feel very confident and let those emotions go through our hands into the clay. When a form emerged we let it go, breathed deeply in and out and visualized the second situation. In both cases form just materialized without me thinking about what I should make. In the second case the shape of an asymmetrical heart appeared and I felt I should put a whole in it, to let something in.
the four finished clay products
the four finished clay products
At the evaluation afterwards someone suggested I could put a small candle in it which I thought was a great idea. I'll let it dry and paint it. Pictured above are the clay works of the other participants.

finished heart of clay
my finished heart of clay
The heart stands for my inner strength and confidence and it is intentionally asymmetrical: the word 'imperfection' came to my mind when I formed it. That's just what I am: imperfect. I don't need to be perfect as I am whole as I am. Imperfection is what makes me unique and fun. Does that make any sense to you?

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