Friday, 8 November 2013

Make over at work: before

A few weeks ago the faculty changed offices. We moved up a few floors in the same building after months of construction work with lots of noise and dust. They tried to minimize the nuisance as much as possible, but the works didn't go unnoticed. We've settled in now and I'll show you the pictures of the new site as soon as possible.
Here are some crappy snap shots of what it was like: dark and dated (the building was designed in the late 60's and was then very modern).
Artwall in front of the mailroom
Copy corner
Dark corridors
The front desk
Closets in my office
My desk and a partial view
Mailboxes in the mailroom
Hangout corner
'Booksale'"everybody is throwing out their old books


  1. Zie ik op jouw bureau nou dat leuke blik staan??? Hoe herkenbaar!! Leuk om je werk eens te zien op de foto!!

  2. Ja, dat leuke blik is voor tussendoortjes (rijstwafel met honing, bijv). Inmiddels zijn we dus verhuisd, de foto's van de nieuwe situatie komen van het weekend of maandag.


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