Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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Wednesdays are my days off, usually I am quite busy on that day. Every week I have the intention to rest on that day, but so much stuff has to be done or I think of something that I really want to do that day.
So, what happened today?
I started the day with a short yoga routine, breakfast, coffee and made a beginning on my tax return. I had to pick up my passport and since the district office of Amsterdam West is close to the community thrift store, I wanted to combine the two and started clearing out my messy book shelves to make more room.
messy book shelves
This picture just one half of my book shelves, the other half is located on the left of these and they are just as messy. I cleared out my travel shelf, it now looks like this:
shelf with travel books
much better, don't you think? It has more space and is tidier. I could still do something with the order of the books, but that is step 2. I want to go through all the other shelves in a similar way and get rid of all the clutter.
So I went to the thrift store, delivered my books and some more stuff, bought a stylish glass tray and the head of a Buddha. It felt good, because I still got rid of more stuff than I brought home. I also like the idea that someone else might enjoy my books.
After that I got my new passport, this is valid now for 10 years.
What else did I do? I went to vote for the city council, went to the apothecary for a renewal of my subscription, walked up the Overtoom to get a Chinese massage (lovely), picked up my bucket of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream that I won in the lottery (hurray), had a late lunch, cleaned up some storage jars (a little blog project), worked on my photos for this and the upcoming blogposts and had dinner. All the while I had a camera on me to capture some moments or impressions.
Reading this again, I realize I was quite a busy bee today. I need to do something to enjoy my days off, to relax and recharge. Then again, photography gives me the energy and joy to face another working day tomorrow.

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