Wednesday, 5 March 2014

IKEA Bråkig, part II

I went back to IKEA today to see if they still had some stock left of the temporary collection Bråkig. There was and I could still choose from the entire collection.
IKEA Bråkig: bowls and pillow case
So happy as a bird I went around and around to make up my mind. In the end I went for two different sizes of bowls and a duvet set with a pillow case.
IKEA Bråkig: bowls and duvet cover
What can I say? I just love the pastel colors and the patterns. it's just a pity the series don't include tea and hand towels. I would have loved to buy a few of those.
IKEA Bråkig: pile of bowls on pillow case
I learned in the IKEA store in Amsterdam that after three weeks the collection will be removed from the store. So be quick if you would like to buy something from the Bråkig collection!

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