Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring time!

Yesterday was my day off and amongst doing errands, groceries and going to IKEA (as I posted yesterday), I also took a walk in the Vondelpark.
white blossoms
The weather was absolutely gorgeous: it was warm and sunny, the sky was blue and lots of people were out to enjoy this all.
white blossoms against blue sky
boy picking flowers
This little guy asked his mother whether he could pick some flowers. His mother told him only to take two and that is just what he did.
light on crocuses
At about four o'clock, the light was gorgeous.
ducks amongst crocuses
There was a whole field of crocuses and people as well as animals were taking a delight in this.
girl taking picture of crocuses
guy standing amongst crocuses
All in all: it's Spring time!

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