Thursday, 27 March 2014

Around here

Yesterday was, again, my day off. And again I was a busy bee, but unlike last week I hadn't planned my day completely full. All I really needed to do was to finish my tax return sheet and go to the osteopath, right? That's all I really had to do. 
shelf with photography books
But, I decided the night before that I would clean up another shelf in my bookcase so I checked my shelf with photography books and took the ones out that I never looked into or were too outdated. That gave some space! I brought the books all to the local thrift store and I came home with nothing. That made me feel really good.
Amsterdam sky
Amsterdam sky
Going to and from the osteopath was no problem, there was so much to see! Every time I am aware of my surroundings I notice how much there is to see. There is an infinite number of observations, really.
swimming duck
I saw these blossoms while riding my bike. We've all noticed that Spring had arrived really early this year and these blossoms should be blooming in May and not in March. It feels kind of weird seeing them so early in the year. Anyways, I got off my bike to have a good look.
coffee and tea of Simon Lévelt
van den Burgh chocolaad, chocolate
After the osteopath (she relaxed my very tensed shoulders and neck) I decided I needed to buy the gift for my friend H. who has his birthday tomorrow. He loved good quality coffee and tea, so that was easy.
By the time I got back home it was about four in the afternoon. With a cup of tea and a sandwich I set about filling in my tax return sheet. That was done before dinner, so I was as happy as a bird. What a fruitful day it was!

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