Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Stork on its nest

I've postponed posting this article because last week it was such a beautiful week and it looked like Spring had definitely begun. It was warm, sunny and all the flowers and bushes started budding and blooming. Way too early for the time of year, but hey, last year it was too cold for a very long time....
These pictures were taken on Saturday, the 1st of March. As you can see it was a bit of a depressing day with an overcast sky.
male stork on his nest
H. and I went to a farm to get fresh cheese and yoghurt, they make it themselves on the farm, and we spotted a stork on its nest. The farmers wife told us that it was the male stork that had already returned from warmer climates and that he would clean out the nest and make it ready for the female. He was waiting patiently for her return.
male stork
Fascinating how that works in nature. Imagine if it would be like that in the human world: the man cleaning house and waiting for his wife to return. Somehow I can't picture that.

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