Saturday, 8 March 2014

Early morning light

It is such a delight that it is getting light earlier and earlier. It makes it so much easier to get up en go out for the day, don't you agree? Here are two pictures I took at 8.00 o'clock yesterday morning. Seeing this made my heart sing. Not that we had a severe winter, no, not at all. But there is something natural about sunlight, it is a source of energy. Without it we couldn't live.
morning light on my cabinet
As you can see it is a bit messy on my vintage cabinet. My new favorite vintage colour is orange. That just happened, I didn't plan that. I bought a cup here, a tin there and before I knew it, there was a kind of a collection.
morning light on my Venetian costume
My costume for the Venetian carnival is partially displayed (the outer jacket) in my room. I like how the yellow reflects on the wall behind. See more on my Venetian adventures over here.

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