Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tulipmania II

Last year I published a blogpost about tulips, you can read it over here. At that time the weather was sunny and dry. I wrote that article in May 2013 and again I write this post in May, BUT, the pictures I show today are taken last April. It was when my sister and her girls visited me over Easter (see over here). I didn't get round to post them until now.
large bed of tulips
The weather was wonderful over Easter: it was sunny and warm enough to sit outside in the sun shine. We Dutch always mention or discuss the weather, because it is a great factor of uncertainty and we hate it when it's grey and rainy, which is quite often in our experience.
purple tulip with raindrops
After my sister and her kids left for home, it suddenly started to rain. It was but a short shower and when it had stopped I went outside with my camera for a little walk and a little time to myself.
I went to the park again were we sat on a blanket just a few hours before. Most people had left for home or shelter. In the middle of the park is a large statue of Joost van den Vondel (Dutch poet, 1587-1679. The park is named after him.) which is surrounded by a large bed of tulips, see the first picture.
white and pink tulip with raindrops
purple tulip with raindrops
All the tulips were covered with raindrops and the earth smelled of freshly fallen rain, it was a complete experience in color, texture and smell!
I love tulips: their shape is simple yet stylish and they usually come in bold colors.
yellow and red tulips with raindrops
I like this one in particular: the flamed yellow tulip. It reminds me of old Dutch paintings depicting this very popular flower.
Read more on Tulipmania over here.

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